Physical Therapy

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Rehabilitation services provide a wide variety of physical and speech therapy services to assist patients with their functional needs. Perry Memorial Hospital’s rehabilitation department is fully staffed with highly trained licensed physical and speech language pathologists.

With Perry Memorial Hospital you will have continuity of care.  Our patients keep the same therapist or group of therapist throughout their therapy needs whether an Inpatient, Outpatient, or Home Health patient.

Rehabilitation services include:

Physical Therapy
Physical Therapists (PT) work to restore motion and strength in an affected limb or trunk. PT’s maximize functional ability by retraining for activities such as walking, running, dressing, and working or returning to sports. They will reduce pain by using modalities, manual therapy, mobilization, appropriate exercises, and by providing extensive education regarding injury prevention and wellness. PMH Physical Therapists also specialize in wound care, especially complicated wounds.

Speech Therapy Speech Language Pathologist’s (SLP) will work to improve speech production/articulation, receptive and expressive communication, as well as writing skills. Speech therapy also addresses deficits in swallowing function. Recommendations for exercises, changes in food texture and thickness of liquid as well as compensatory techniques to decrease a patient’s chances of aspiration are made. The speech therapist is also able to help a patient’s cognitive skills in problem – solving, reasoning, memory and other areas of cognition to increase functional independence.