Perry Memorial Hospital ED is located on Fir Avenue, less than 3 miles East of Interstate 35. In January 2012, Perry Memorial Hospital partnered with Emergency Staffing Solutions to implement a “hybrid” physician model to provide “hospitalist services” as well as emergency medicine. This gives patients the same level of attention or “continuity of care”, through the entire outpatient and inpatient stay. This degree of care is generally found only in larger, more metropolitan facilities. A physician is on premises 24/7, 365 days of the year.

The Hybrid Model is the most recent philosophical approach in enhancing quality of care in the rural healthcare market. Perry Memorial Hospital is committed to moving our medical community forward.

The “hospitalist” is an on-staff physician dedicated to treating patients who have been admitted to the hospital. This specialty provides primary care physicians with an ever present set of eyes and ears for patients during an inpatient stay. The Hospitalist does not have a clinic or patients outside of the hospital. They are in the hospital 100% of their time, and can see patients multiple times during the day. They can respond to urgent patient needs in minutes, and are available to order tests and view results in real time.